Thursday, December 15, 2005

My Obversations in the District

Why do people wear white tights with black shoes..
in whos mind does that shit match?

why do people crowd around the metro doors and wont let you get off, and get mad when you knock them down?

Why do black women wear white hose?!

Why must we jump and scream at the seeing eye dog who is stilling there calmly?

Monday, December 12, 2005

This has been a great year of loss in the black community.
From Luther, to John H. Johnson, to Rosa Parks and the latest Richard Pryor.

No words can discribe the emptiness i feel. Although i didnt know Richard personally, i am a lover of comdey *i wish i was funny like that* Richard told it like it was and didnt bite his tougne.
He was really the first, if it had not been for richard we would not have many of the comics we have today black or white.

Richard i know will be missed by his family but even more he will be greatly missed by his millions of fans.
The world is a lil less funny now.... and there is no comedy in that.

Rest in Peace Richard Rest in Peace

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Hey...How are you doing....I'm loving that smile of yours...I can see that personality shinning through...and I also see that you have a beautiful face.....but hey..I'm not even going to rap you up with the compliments..I'm pretty sure you are over whelmed by too many......I was hitting you up basically because I see that you live in the area and I have something that my interest you....I've basically been selling DVDs recently and no it's not the bootleg type...I have a friend that programmed a software for the blocks that are on the original DVDs and I burn the movies from Blockbuster and Net Flix so you know they come out just as clear as the original....They aren't the movies that's just been released in the theatre..They are movies that's been released on DVD already....Anything Blockbuster gets....I tell you what..Since you don't know the quality I'll just charge you $5ea for your first list....and hey...You are welcome to look at them before you buy them..I do have a DVD player in my truck and if the quality isn't want you want then I'll give you $5..LOL....I can email you a list and if you are interested you can just send me a list of what you want and we'll just find a meeting spot to hook up so you can get them...Oh and I also have adult movies as well...(smiling)...So what's a email address I can send you a list if you are interested.....Oh and once you get the list your are welcome to forward it on to your friends and family if you'd like....but they would have to go through you to get them for $5ea

Friday, November 11, 2005

That New Car Smell

Well as most of my friends know and my coworkers i have been shopping for a car. It has not been easy because of things i brought on my self. But any way i got a new car. I didnt want to buy one because i didnt want a car note i was enjoying living carnote free... but oh well... I have a white '05 Malibu v6... that puppy got some pick up lol.
I think i am really going to enjoy my car.... I can say this... car buying is no fun at all... i need to rent me some one to go with me next time i buy a car lol.
Yall wanna help me with the note lol...
The Year of the EX @ Homecoming

this homecoming was the year of the ex... i saw all of them but one...
it was funny to me... the one that is from the islands still makes me weak in the knees with is accent but thats about it.... it was good to see him and know he is doing well back at home with his own biz..
The next one is the one i dated after graduation... nice buy but dating me and every one else... i liked him but i was not trying to share at all... he kept asking why i stopped calling.. i am suprised he missed me calling cause he had a tour of bootay to deal with lol... he is doing well for himself and i am happy to hear that.. he was still trying to holla... sorry you had you chance...
and to the grand daddy of them all my first bf, the one who dumped me cause i was fat *i was fat when he started dating me* i saw him and felt nothing.. great feeling... have not felt any thing for him in years, not even anger, i heard he got married... i was happy for him... he got a lil chunky too... that is just too ironic for me .... i wish i could have met his wife.. but oh well.. and funny thing is he asked about the one from the island *we all had class together he didnt know i was with the one from the island* that added to the amusement of the weekend....
All and All i had a gret time at homecoming as i usually do... i have matrued and it shows... i am not sure if like it though.. but i guess at 32 i need to act like the adult i want my family to treat me as lol
I love tuskegee and miss it dearly, it was some of the best years of my life, some of the hardest also. Tuskegee made into a woman, it taught me so much, much more than just the book knowledge that i gained. I know i can make it any where in the world having gone to tuskegee.
Homecoming is just an a reinforcement of that every year.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Halloween and Uber Holy Folks

Now i find it interesting that the ultra relgious black folks are so down for not celebrating halloween, which is the eve of all saints day, and it is touted at the "Devil's Holiday". But they will celebrate the hell of of Christmas, which is laden with pagen symbols.

Halloween is a fun time for fat kids like me... i loved free candy. I had fun dressing up, i was not worshiping any devil in doing so... My Pastor at home used to talk about how black folks get bent out of shape over this holiday. Its not the devils holiday or a pegan holiday. Infact the high holy day for pegans is Dec. 22nd the night of the winter soclists, and pegans are not devil worshipers either... but i digress....

What frosts my cookies is how people do not read for themselves about these holiday and just start spouting off bs.....

*walking off to get me some free candy*

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

My sistas
My sistas

why are we wearing white tights period?

Who the hell told yall that was cute and it matched?
Black women say NO to white hose unless your a nurse... and most of them wear pants now any way....


Wednesday, October 12, 2005

ok something else that frosts my cookies....
I am from chicago
born and raised
18 years str8 then college in alabama and 4 more years of chicago
i now live in Baltimore, MD, work in Washington, DC

I love the Bears, hate Greenbay
I love the White Sox, dont really care for the Cubs... *i am a southsider*

ok i hear some ugly rumore that Macy's is going to change the name of Marshell Fields to
*hack* Macy's

WTF? Marshell Fields is not only a great store but is a historic landmark
Marshell Feilds was one of the first department stores, and one of the pioners of customer returns.
Along with that the State Street Store *a must visit for any tourist to Chicago* is a Historic Landmark *as is the Carson's Store 2 blocks down on State Street*

Now its bad enough the Fields family sold MF to Dayton Hudson which then became the Target Corp. and they turned around and sold all the department stores *all dayton hudsons became MF* to the May company who owns Lord and Taylor *another store i love but MF is my favorite*
And Federated which owns Macy's bought May. Ok if your still with me check this out.
MF is a midwest store like Hechts is the DC/MD/VA store and Dillards is in the south.
But L&T is every where as is Bloomies. In Chicago a few of our malls have MF, L&T and Bloomies
so are they going to close 2 of the anchor stores because they are all named Macy's now?
or will you have 3 very large Macy's stores.
Will they contiue to make frang mints *a must eat from MF*?
Will they be sold in all Macy's stores?

I am just sick about this name change. Macy's is doing a great disservice to MF, L&T, Bloomies, Hectch, the list goes on and on.
Soon Macy's will be the only store.. and their clothes suck the big one.

Maybe if i was a thin woman i would not care but Macy's line for the "Fluffy Diva" leaves a lot to be desired.
I am beyond pissed at this point... MF is an institution, leave it the hell alone *pouts*
Ok as most of you all know i am a gemini, and by nature i love to talk. I have a passion for the gift of gab.
Well i love the internet and chatting with people. And i love to chat with folks from all over the world. At least i did until it seems like every single male in africa wants to marry me.
Now i know i am not ugly but i am not Halle foine either...
It is not flattering nor is it wanted attention from these men. And its not just from one country in africa its seems to come from several from northern Africa to the south.
It is beyond irritating when they think that they got something black men in the USA dont have. WTF ever.... i dont want a long distance relationship let alone with some one half across the freaking world....
Good lawd what do you think i am going to help you get your green card? Uh in the words of Whitney HELL TO THE NAW you are not using me to get to the USA.

Besides i am dating some one, which does not seem to satifsy them. They try to tell me how they are better than my sweetie. Well thats when they go on Igg.... but my ignore list is getting full *laffs*.

I just had to vent and tell some body lol

Monday, September 19, 2005

I have had issues with my hair for many years. Because of my mixed bloodline my hair is different than that of most black folks. My hair is soft, thin and naturally curly/wavy. I love alot of natrual hair do's but with the lack of thickness to my hair i cant wear them.
I used to relax my hair but my hair could not take the color and the relaxer... so color won out.

I have started a hair journal to try to love my hair again... lol we shall see if it works.....

just added some new pics to my hair journal...

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

ok why did i get another one of these freaking notes on bp

Hey Girl, I was looking through your profile and I wanted to say HOT DAMN! You are so Fine! We need more women like you at: I've never seen a girl like you, so fill out a profile cause I dont use BlackPlanet No more, I'm under "Ebony349", again, make a profile at: type it in your Internet Explorer or Copy and Paste it, I promise you will meet so many more people at that are down to go out and meet you! Hope to see you soon, Hit me Up Ebonystud349 at later boo

and why did some 18 year old baby try to holla at me?
boy aint nothing and i mean nothing you can do for me

Monday, September 05, 2005

This is Why BP is the 12th Ring of Hell
ok i was on BP looking for one of my former students who is from N.O. to see if he is ok... i get a note while one there
wanna read it? here it go:
Hey Girl, I was looking through your profile and I wanted to say HOT DAMN! You are so Fine! We need more women like you at: I've never seen a girl like you, so fill out a profile cause I dont use BlackPlanet No more, I'm under "EbonyStudy348", again, make a profile at: type it in your Internet Explorer or Copy and Paste it, I promise you will meet so many more people at that are down to go out and meet you! Hope to see you soon, Hit me Up Ebonystud348 at later boo

now i am like wtf? where do they get this mess from... any whoo BP is a waste of cyber space...

Saturday, August 27, 2005

I am a displaced Chicagoan
I live in Baltimore and I work in DC
now i must admit that i thought Bmore aka charm city aka harm city was a burb of DC aka Chocolate City

i have found that its not... the two cities are very similar and they HATE each other... which i dont understand
its worse than the southside vs westside in Chicago

And what is worse is the folks from PG County right outside of DC that want to dog out Bmore
but they live in the 12th Ring of Hell.....

I find my self defending Bmore... a city i dont really care for but its ok to live here for now...

Both places are GHETTO as hell and are very much the same, ok dc has a better public transit system than bmore but other than that and the higer than hell cost of living in dc
i really need DC and PG folks to get off their high horse and put the crack pipe down and realize they are not better than Bmore

I need Bmore folks to put the pipe down and learn how to fucking read... but thats another rant...

Saturday, August 20, 2005

last month was an interesting month.

Sorority Convention did not go as i planned

Was out of town too much, so now i am tired as hell

Went to atl and found out a soroirty sister of mine i trusted lied and stole money
from folks including me

its rough when you trust folks and they shit on you like that
so i wrote a poem about it wanna hear? Ok maybe not lol

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

i am off to sorority convention today.
it will be a bitter sweet reunion with my sorority sisters, because one of the ones i loved so much is not longer her.
I will miss her dearly but life must go on...

So i am off today to ohio *wonder what there is to do in ohio*
and i hope to have a grand time will the crazy lady's who i call my sisters... they are a diverse group of women that all share a common thread SERVICE.
We all love to do service, if we didnt we would not be in Gamma Sig.
I am also running for national office, i do hope i win because i have some ideas to help the sorority out.

well i am just bored at work until i get to leave in a lil bit to start my vacation
i need a vacation.. i wish my sweetie was coming with me... but oh well maybe next time....

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

This is for Char Scott an amazing woman who left this earth too soon. Char was one of my sorority sisters, she was the admin for our sorority, but she was so much more than that. She was the sweetest, nicest person i even knew in Gamma Sig. She is the reason i am still active. She will be dearly missed by her family, by our sorority and by me.

Rest in Peace Char
Rest in Peace

Friday, June 03, 2005

weight... it has always been a touchy subject....
i know i dont write too much in my blog about my thoughts on stuff but today i was moved to

its not easy being a fat person in the USA.... espcially a fat woman...
i know thin women have their issues... but i dont think they can fully understand the pain, and tormenet most fat kids went through. And that pain runs deep.... some of us over come it
some of us don't... and while folks think its funny and cute to laugh, poke fun, and dog out fat people... let me tell you that shit aint funny...
just because a person is larger than normal does not mean we dont have feelings.... so you can keep your lil snide ass comments to your self...
I personall have over come the "ugly" self image that was imprinted on my brain as a child because i was a fat kid... i did not start fat... i was thin once.. i think it was a wends. in 1980 lol
but i have spent most of my life fat... and until i was about 25 i was ashamed and felt like i owed the world an apology for it... i could have easily killed my self and been much happier
but that was not the answer to my problems.... I had to learn to accept me for me.... the Fluffy Diva i am *my brother calls me that lol *

So in a world who is dying to be thin.... we all need to take a step back and relaize its not that deep and to be comfy with the skin we are in... because big, small and all that is inbetween we all need to love who we are....

sorry for rambling on and on lol

Monday, May 30, 2005

555: hello
06: hello
555: mmm, u are so sexy
06: thanks
555: may I ask a question?
06: sure
555: do u do escort services?
06: no
555: iam sorry to bother u
555: but iam intrested to have an escort
555: bye
06: oh lawd
555: are u living in the nearby?
06: no i live in baltimore
555: oh i see
555: but realy iam very intrested with u
555: u are very sexy
555: if u dont mind i may come to u in baltimore
06: sorry i dont know you like that
555: actually i am a businessman from Kuwait
555: and i look to have good time
06: check the yellow pages for an escort
555: iam sorry again
555: bye

wtf? trolling for a good time on the net... you are barking up the wrong tree....
push on playa push on

Monday, April 11, 2005

what the hell...
do you just randomly im people with this message?

LOOSER: Hello.. I am a male 43, engineer. 5' 6", live and work in md/dc area. I have a 2 masters deggree. I am originally from India but have lived here all my life. I make over 110,000 per year but still down to earth, tursthworthy, frank, to the point, yet romantic. I believe in giving and taking respect.Looking for a down to earth yet open minded friend. If you would like, you can contact me at

is that amount suposed to impress me that he makes 110,000 per year lol

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

this is just sad just sad lol
beyond sad lol

me: yes
lonlyness4u: darling can i hold u once plzz
lonlyness4u: lonlyness4u: plzz tel me
me: no
lonlyness4u: why..? plzz give me permissiom plz
me: lol
me: no
lonlyness4u: plzz
lonlyness4u: i like ur breasts so i want u once hold tightly plzz BUZZ!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

*sigh* can you tell i dont have enough to do some days
here we go again

rich_long14: hey there
6: hello
rich_long14: How u doing??
6: i am fine how are you
rich_long14: Good thanks...So whats up with u today??
6: work lol
6: what about you
rich_long14: The same...trying to take it easy though
6: lol i wish lol

rich_long14: Do u like white men??
6: lol
6: never dated one before
6: i would have to meet one i clicked with
rich_long14: ic....So u think u could handle a white man though??
6: lol
6: handle a white man uh i guess
rich_long14: lol....Just checking....
rich_long14: Cause u know .....we work it..
6: naw i didnt know that
rich_long14: Now u know Boo
6: uh i guess
6: the proof is in the pudding so to speak
6: and being with me is more than just sex
rich_long14: There is more to everyone than just sex Boo...I am not all about sex...I am just very sexual I guess u could say
6: humm ok
rich_long14: Are u not a sexual person??
6: yes i am but i dont talk about sex that easy
rich_long14: I can respect that....I am just an open person
6: ok thats fine
rich_long14: Must have been awhile since u got
6: nope
6: dont assume
rich_long14: lol....Ok
6: i dont talk about sex with people i dont know
rich_long14: No white meat
6: uh no i only date black men currently
rich_long14: Then u are missing out Boo
6: humm if you say so
6: and what makes yall so different?
rich_long14: How we take pride in pleasing our isn't all about us
6: and black men dont do that
rich_long14: Most don't
rich_long14: especially in bed from what I am told
6: humm i will be sure to pass that on to my two brothers
rich_long14: lol...U do that
6: well i am going to go before i cuss you out bye

ok i dont know what the hell some of these men think they have in their pants that is so special that they can make some stupid ass assumptions but damn stop asking me if i am in to white men
i am going to start getting mean and nasty when that question is posed next time

Monday, March 14, 2005

see this is what i can not take is sick men who pray on childern

onlee_4_uuu: howz ya doin
06: i am find how are you
onlee_4_uuu: i m doin good... thanx
onlee_4_uuu: may i know ur asl?
06: its in my profile
06: but i am 31 female and baltimore
onlee_4_uuu: dear i m in office.. & ur profile says Adults conent
06: there is nothing wrong with my profile
onlee_4_uuu: yeah i know
06: i put in adult content to keep most kids away
onlee_4_uuu: but i cant open it as ADULT is blocked
onlee_4_uuu: lol
onlee_4_uuu: y..sometimes kids r pleasurable too
06: yuck
06: i dont date childern
06: that is just nasty
onlee_4_uuu: heheh
onlee_4_uuu: but i luv gals from age 15 -45
06: any thing underage is illegal
onlee_4_uuu: recently i dated a filipino gal age 16
onlee_4_uuu: yeah i know
onlee_4_uuu: but everythign happens with consent
onlee_4_uuu: so wot u work as?
06: that is just sick
06: bye
onlee_4_uuu: cmon
onlee_4_uuu: does that mean that i cant go to a bar
onlee_4_uuu: when a gal of 16 is a waitress
onlee_4_uuu: did i say i had intercourse with her?????????
onlee_4_uuu: byeeeee if u dont wana talk
06: hell naw i dont want to talk to your sick ass
06: that is a child
06: you sick bastard
onlee_4_uuu: dear
onlee_4_uuu: we dated
onlee_4_uuu: we dated means we had dinner together.. we kissed & dats it
onlee_4_uuu: y u gals always thing dat everythign ends up with SEXXXXXXXX
onlee_4_uuu: BTW .. i dont like to have sex with skinny gal
onlee_4_uuu: i luv voluptous womens
onlee_4_uuu: neway i'll leave thinkin that u too might be skinny
onlee_4_uuu: bye

Thursday, March 10, 2005

*** Message (#28) from M at 19:18 ***>sure you want to hear? *blush*

** Message (#36) from M at 19:20 ***>well, it was the skin color contrast....seeing my white c**k disappear insider>her......white c*m on her skin....WOW....

Message eXpressRecipient : M
uh thats interesting never heard that one before

*** Message (#44) from M at 19:23 ***>did those ideas offend you?

Message eXpressRecipient : M
nope not at all just interesting

ok i know i bring things on my self sometimes....i did this time too but i thought it was funny cause this guy who is not black said dating black women was exotic *rolls eyes* exotic my ass lol
poo dont have no color in the dark...

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Friday, February 25, 2005

6: look at this

6: My names , Im a hardass brotha from . If you like hardbodys, a cool hair due, and a no bs attitude, lets chat.
I use a free webcam service, links below (just verify your age and you should be able to find me in there pretty easily im always on)Lets have some fun baby! Since you are in $from, maybe we could even meetup afterwards, we will talk about it in there i guess. pz

wonder: o.k.

6: what the hell

wonder: FA***T!!!!

6: lol

6: his webcam site says i am big, black and love to talk smack on the web

wonder: do what ever you it is you like on cam

6: Bottom line, Im big black and love to talk smack on the webcam baby! Its fun loving for everyone! Come check me out! Click here to access me and thousands others

wonder: DLB *LOL*

wonder: next thing you know he tryign to shove a dildo up his ass and call you daddy *ROTFL*

6: lol

wonder: i am just saying

wonder: no straight heterosexual male does not shit like that

6: lol

6: that shit was funny

6: thats the 2nd message i got like that

6: i think i might blog them

wonder: if your goonna blog it, you have to put my comment *LOL*

6: lol

6: yeah

Friday, February 18, 2005

Today i was sent on a mission by my boss to Upper Marsomthing, MD
Well i was on my way back to work on the blue line train, i was crocheting in one of the seats
near the door. This guy gets on and i am like wtf is that in his pants... Why were his pants
so tight that you could see the out line of somethings on him... i was sitting having to do a double take because i know i didnt see what i thought i saw... i wanted to fall out laughing and tell him you need to adjust your self or maybe you want it like that or better yet put some underwear on lol
I wanted to laugh so bad my eyes started to water... woohoo that was funny...
well i figured since my eye balls were assulted today i would make every one else suffer too lol

Saturday, February 05, 2005

ok this one is X-RATED
but it was too funny not to put up... mind i don know dude and this is the first note he sent me:

I know this may be too much for you but Im gonna tell it like this. I already expressed my love of eating pussy and yes I would love to have you in bed screaming (and I do mean this literally) my name. I know your pussy is nice and juicy and you seek a guy like me thats well informed on the womans anatomy to really please you I have always believed that foreplay plays the biggest role in whether your gonna have great sex or average so I guess you can say I`m a bit of a tease. I love to taste and I would love to start off teasing your nipples making a big circle around the outside of your breast slowly taking my time tasting your sweet flesh in my mouth as my tongue circling around the outer portion of your breast when I have completed the circle I start to make it smaller and smaller swirling right up to your nipple. I want you to anticipate me working this gentle soft tongue on your nipple but when I reach your nipples I STOP! I start slowly around your other breast using the same technique with a couple of variations like Im nibbling and sucking and taking my time to really enjoy you but as soon as I reach that nipple I stop. Touch to me means everthing as well can you imagine me sliding my tongue barely brushing it against your nipple almost as if a feather was rubbing it. Can you feel these lips around your nipples slowly slurping on them! Im very vocal so I would probably tell you how I want to suck those titties and gently carress them with my lips. I want to feel the hardness in my mouth as I lick suck and nibble on them. I slowly work my way down your body with gentle soft kisses on your belly button your toes behind the knee as I slide this tongue down your thighs kissing caressing you I can smell the faintness of your pussy getting hot. I spread your legs open wider and start to kiss your inner thigh and as I work my way down there the tip of my tongue accidently slips and touches your awaiting clit. Im gonna finish this story so you can see that Im no joke. When I stopped I was kissing those thighs taking my time and caressing them running my fingers gently across the back of your thigh while sucking and nibbling. I can see the juices flowing out of your pussy while you moan in anticipation of my tongue lapping at it. I know you want me to suck that clit but I just ignore you as you try to push my head between those lips. I fight back the eagerness inside of me to lick you until you cum! I want you to build up more I want it so that when you cum it will last every bit of 10mins. I after I think you`ve had enough I take the tip of my tongue and brush it between those pussy lips as I work my way up to your clit. The first touch on the head of that clit I want it to be gentle but yet firm like a feather running across it. Just then I hear you let out one of those most distinct moans I have ever heard. I slowly start to work my tongue across that clit back and forth just hitting the nub and with every caress from my tongue your moans become more increased and louder with every stroke. I want to taste that sweet pussy so I work my way down between those sweet pussy lips sucking on them one by one slurping and making my way down to that dripping pussy hole. I methodically start to drink your pussy juices as they spill out of your pussy, sliding this thick ass tongue from your asshole to your pussy hole where I circle around that pussy until your ready for me to slide this long fat tongue inside you. I slide in the tip of my tongue and you start moaning more increasingly then I slide in some more. Now I can really taste the sweetness deep in side of you as I start to lap it up before it runs out of your pussy. I slide my tongue all the way in now and wiggle it around inside and start to tongue fuck you. I go back up to that hard clit and i wrap these lips around it and start stroking it until you scream IM ABOOUUTT TOO CUUUUUUUMMMMMM#%@ and I tell you I want you to cum all in my mouth!! I tell you to sit that sweet pussy on my face. Then I slide this tongue deep inside you as you grind your pussy all over my face I wrap my mouth around your pussy and start rapidly pushing this tongue against your clit Thats when I hear you scream "IM GONNA CUMMM@#! Just then I wrap this mouth around that pussy tight and felt the warmth of your juices fill my mouth as I hastily sucked it all up!

-D You can call me at*yeah he left is number* later on tonight.

Oh yeah i am gonna call you right now cause i just cant wait to let some strange man lick me.. yup sure am.... lol

Friday, February 04, 2005

my hunny told me i should do this since i dont blog much
post up all the silly bp notes i get...
so sit back and enjoy

Hi there. Nice profile. I just joined and was lookign to find someone to chill with, have fun and hang out with and have sex with too. I mean if we click all this would happen and I was hoping we can get to know each other moreI am not seeking a girlfriend just a close friend with benefits. I dont have a pic up yet but you can check out my page for some more info.and if you are down then call me at *yeah he left is #*

Now what the hell makes you think i want to be your fuck buddy? You get snaps for being honest but damn.... it aint my cup of tea...



wtf? how fucking rude.... was he expecting a response to that note?
i hope not