Thursday, December 15, 2005

My Obversations in the District

Why do people wear white tights with black shoes..
in whos mind does that shit match?

why do people crowd around the metro doors and wont let you get off, and get mad when you knock them down?

Why do black women wear white hose?!

Why must we jump and scream at the seeing eye dog who is stilling there calmly?

Monday, December 12, 2005

This has been a great year of loss in the black community.
From Luther, to John H. Johnson, to Rosa Parks and the latest Richard Pryor.

No words can discribe the emptiness i feel. Although i didnt know Richard personally, i am a lover of comdey *i wish i was funny like that* Richard told it like it was and didnt bite his tougne.
He was really the first, if it had not been for richard we would not have many of the comics we have today black or white.

Richard i know will be missed by his family but even more he will be greatly missed by his millions of fans.
The world is a lil less funny now.... and there is no comedy in that.

Rest in Peace Richard Rest in Peace