Saturday, January 17, 2004

etie06: fucking forginers
etie06: if they ask one more fucking time why i am not married
etie06: iam gonna scream
etie06: doyou know some nicca from africa was like call me
etie06: wtf? are you on crack boy?
wonder: *LOL*
etie06: call fucking africa
etie06: you need you head examined
wonder: *LOL*
etie06: i mean i aint calling dc alot
etie06: let alone africa
etie06: that is not on my free nights and weekends
etie06: shidd
etie06: i need to add this to my blog lol
wonder: *LOL*
you know i am sick and tired of these mutha fuckas trying to tell me that i need to get married
because i am 30
who the fuck are you?
you know it dont work that way here... i will get married when i am good and gat damn ready to get married...
or better yet men who think i am about to call them long fucking distance.... to another country
that love knows no bounds....
naw your carzy ass knows no bounds.... because i aint calling you
that is not covered in my national coverage by sprint
and even if it was i would not call you
aint shit that i want from your non english speaking butt....
leave me alone.....

and if one more person ask als.... i am gonna screamn
read my fucking profile

Thursday, January 08, 2004


have you ever had one of thoes days that you wanted to go back and start over
well i did
it started yesterday when my moms friends shows up from detroit with her son trying ot get him into tuskegee
she shows up with out calling first on my door step in alabama
i talked to her twice when i was home for the holidays
and she said nothing about coming down here....
i was nice and let her stay but i am like what happend to phone first before you go?

and then i got a flat tire... and to top it off my spare was out of air....
just one of thoes days...
oh well could have been worse
i thought this was cute

Today is...

Today is International Day of The Very Good Looking, Beautiful and
Damn Attractive People, so send this message to someone you think fits
this description.

Please do not send it back to me as I have already received over fifty
thousand of these messages and my inbox is jammed full.

Thanks, anyway!

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

You and I are Friends.......

You Fight, I Fight........

You Hurt, I Hurt........

You Cry, I Cry.........

You Jump Off a Bridge....

I'm Gonna Miss Your dumb ass.....

Sunday, January 04, 2004


what the hell is wrong with these kids?

now i know that i am not that much older than them

but damn.... what the hell is that mess you all call music

and why doyou think that hip hop actually comes up with their own

orignal hip hop tracks?

yall need to get off that ish ya smoking and realize that this shit is taken from

music from the past

if one more person asks me if the orignal dr. buzzards chez chez la fame is a remake of

ghostface killa...i will slap them

CRAZY MEN!!!!!!!!!

ok for thoes that know me know i am a net junkie

and being the gemini that i am i love to talk so the net is perfect

cause i can chat with any and every one and will pretty much do so

so i was chatting and this guy from africa i chat with asked if we could get serious


he knows i have a man and that i am not trying to romance across the big blue

and he start spouting about God and love can bridge the gap

so i ask him if he plans to move the usa for this great romance

he says no i can move there...back to africa...WTF!!!!!

He said i am from i am from the united states of america

yes my family was taken in to slavery but that was over 200 years ago

and i am mixed with just about any and every thing

so what you are saying is you want me to move to africa to be with you

you who has no job and did not complete high school

do i look stupid? HAIL NAW!!!!!!

i aint moving to africa and we aint about to have no romance

ok i have calmed down
i love the silly boy *laffs*
n e way
i am a prof and i have been off since dec. 12
and i am so ready to go back to work
lawd i am bored....
i am glad i will be back at work on tues...woohoo
i actually miss my students

Saturday, January 03, 2004

yeah its the new year and i am sick and tired of the dude i am dating
lawd how much do i have to put up wiht.....
but then again the men i meet are scrubbs
not there are not some good brothers out there they just
dont want to date my arese
*sigh* i know its me....
ok that is my rant for today lol