Friday, February 25, 2005

6: look at this

6: My names , Im a hardass brotha from . If you like hardbodys, a cool hair due, and a no bs attitude, lets chat.
I use a free webcam service, links below (just verify your age and you should be able to find me in there pretty easily im always on)Lets have some fun baby! Since you are in $from, maybe we could even meetup afterwards, we will talk about it in there i guess. pz

wonder: o.k.

6: what the hell

wonder: FA***T!!!!

6: lol

6: his webcam site says i am big, black and love to talk smack on the web

wonder: do what ever you it is you like on cam

6: Bottom line, Im big black and love to talk smack on the webcam baby! Its fun loving for everyone! Come check me out! Click here to access me and thousands others

wonder: DLB *LOL*

wonder: next thing you know he tryign to shove a dildo up his ass and call you daddy *ROTFL*

6: lol

wonder: i am just saying

wonder: no straight heterosexual male does not shit like that

6: lol

6: that shit was funny

6: thats the 2nd message i got like that

6: i think i might blog them

wonder: if your goonna blog it, you have to put my comment *LOL*

6: lol

6: yeah

Friday, February 18, 2005

Today i was sent on a mission by my boss to Upper Marsomthing, MD
Well i was on my way back to work on the blue line train, i was crocheting in one of the seats
near the door. This guy gets on and i am like wtf is that in his pants... Why were his pants
so tight that you could see the out line of somethings on him... i was sitting having to do a double take because i know i didnt see what i thought i saw... i wanted to fall out laughing and tell him you need to adjust your self or maybe you want it like that or better yet put some underwear on lol
I wanted to laugh so bad my eyes started to water... woohoo that was funny...
well i figured since my eye balls were assulted today i would make every one else suffer too lol

Saturday, February 05, 2005

ok this one is X-RATED
but it was too funny not to put up... mind i don know dude and this is the first note he sent me:

I know this may be too much for you but Im gonna tell it like this. I already expressed my love of eating pussy and yes I would love to have you in bed screaming (and I do mean this literally) my name. I know your pussy is nice and juicy and you seek a guy like me thats well informed on the womans anatomy to really please you I have always believed that foreplay plays the biggest role in whether your gonna have great sex or average so I guess you can say I`m a bit of a tease. I love to taste and I would love to start off teasing your nipples making a big circle around the outside of your breast slowly taking my time tasting your sweet flesh in my mouth as my tongue circling around the outer portion of your breast when I have completed the circle I start to make it smaller and smaller swirling right up to your nipple. I want you to anticipate me working this gentle soft tongue on your nipple but when I reach your nipples I STOP! I start slowly around your other breast using the same technique with a couple of variations like Im nibbling and sucking and taking my time to really enjoy you but as soon as I reach that nipple I stop. Touch to me means everthing as well can you imagine me sliding my tongue barely brushing it against your nipple almost as if a feather was rubbing it. Can you feel these lips around your nipples slowly slurping on them! Im very vocal so I would probably tell you how I want to suck those titties and gently carress them with my lips. I want to feel the hardness in my mouth as I lick suck and nibble on them. I slowly work my way down your body with gentle soft kisses on your belly button your toes behind the knee as I slide this tongue down your thighs kissing caressing you I can smell the faintness of your pussy getting hot. I spread your legs open wider and start to kiss your inner thigh and as I work my way down there the tip of my tongue accidently slips and touches your awaiting clit. Im gonna finish this story so you can see that Im no joke. When I stopped I was kissing those thighs taking my time and caressing them running my fingers gently across the back of your thigh while sucking and nibbling. I can see the juices flowing out of your pussy while you moan in anticipation of my tongue lapping at it. I know you want me to suck that clit but I just ignore you as you try to push my head between those lips. I fight back the eagerness inside of me to lick you until you cum! I want you to build up more I want it so that when you cum it will last every bit of 10mins. I after I think you`ve had enough I take the tip of my tongue and brush it between those pussy lips as I work my way up to your clit. The first touch on the head of that clit I want it to be gentle but yet firm like a feather running across it. Just then I hear you let out one of those most distinct moans I have ever heard. I slowly start to work my tongue across that clit back and forth just hitting the nub and with every caress from my tongue your moans become more increased and louder with every stroke. I want to taste that sweet pussy so I work my way down between those sweet pussy lips sucking on them one by one slurping and making my way down to that dripping pussy hole. I methodically start to drink your pussy juices as they spill out of your pussy, sliding this thick ass tongue from your asshole to your pussy hole where I circle around that pussy until your ready for me to slide this long fat tongue inside you. I slide in the tip of my tongue and you start moaning more increasingly then I slide in some more. Now I can really taste the sweetness deep in side of you as I start to lap it up before it runs out of your pussy. I slide my tongue all the way in now and wiggle it around inside and start to tongue fuck you. I go back up to that hard clit and i wrap these lips around it and start stroking it until you scream IM ABOOUUTT TOO CUUUUUUUMMMMMM#%@ and I tell you I want you to cum all in my mouth!! I tell you to sit that sweet pussy on my face. Then I slide this tongue deep inside you as you grind your pussy all over my face I wrap my mouth around your pussy and start rapidly pushing this tongue against your clit Thats when I hear you scream "IM GONNA CUMMM@#! Just then I wrap this mouth around that pussy tight and felt the warmth of your juices fill my mouth as I hastily sucked it all up!

-D You can call me at*yeah he left is number* later on tonight.

Oh yeah i am gonna call you right now cause i just cant wait to let some strange man lick me.. yup sure am.... lol

Friday, February 04, 2005

my hunny told me i should do this since i dont blog much
post up all the silly bp notes i get...
so sit back and enjoy

Hi there. Nice profile. I just joined and was lookign to find someone to chill with, have fun and hang out with and have sex with too. I mean if we click all this would happen and I was hoping we can get to know each other moreI am not seeking a girlfriend just a close friend with benefits. I dont have a pic up yet but you can check out my page for some more info.and if you are down then call me at *yeah he left is #*

Now what the hell makes you think i want to be your fuck buddy? You get snaps for being honest but damn.... it aint my cup of tea...



wtf? how fucking rude.... was he expecting a response to that note?
i hope not