Friday, October 28, 2005

Halloween and Uber Holy Folks

Now i find it interesting that the ultra relgious black folks are so down for not celebrating halloween, which is the eve of all saints day, and it is touted at the "Devil's Holiday". But they will celebrate the hell of of Christmas, which is laden with pagen symbols.

Halloween is a fun time for fat kids like me... i loved free candy. I had fun dressing up, i was not worshiping any devil in doing so... My Pastor at home used to talk about how black folks get bent out of shape over this holiday. Its not the devils holiday or a pegan holiday. Infact the high holy day for pegans is Dec. 22nd the night of the winter soclists, and pegans are not devil worshipers either... but i digress....

What frosts my cookies is how people do not read for themselves about these holiday and just start spouting off bs.....

*walking off to get me some free candy*

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

My sistas
My sistas

why are we wearing white tights period?

Who the hell told yall that was cute and it matched?
Black women say NO to white hose unless your a nurse... and most of them wear pants now any way....


Wednesday, October 12, 2005

ok something else that frosts my cookies....
I am from chicago
born and raised
18 years str8 then college in alabama and 4 more years of chicago
i now live in Baltimore, MD, work in Washington, DC

I love the Bears, hate Greenbay
I love the White Sox, dont really care for the Cubs... *i am a southsider*

ok i hear some ugly rumore that Macy's is going to change the name of Marshell Fields to
*hack* Macy's

WTF? Marshell Fields is not only a great store but is a historic landmark
Marshell Feilds was one of the first department stores, and one of the pioners of customer returns.
Along with that the State Street Store *a must visit for any tourist to Chicago* is a Historic Landmark *as is the Carson's Store 2 blocks down on State Street*

Now its bad enough the Fields family sold MF to Dayton Hudson which then became the Target Corp. and they turned around and sold all the department stores *all dayton hudsons became MF* to the May company who owns Lord and Taylor *another store i love but MF is my favorite*
And Federated which owns Macy's bought May. Ok if your still with me check this out.
MF is a midwest store like Hechts is the DC/MD/VA store and Dillards is in the south.
But L&T is every where as is Bloomies. In Chicago a few of our malls have MF, L&T and Bloomies
so are they going to close 2 of the anchor stores because they are all named Macy's now?
or will you have 3 very large Macy's stores.
Will they contiue to make frang mints *a must eat from MF*?
Will they be sold in all Macy's stores?

I am just sick about this name change. Macy's is doing a great disservice to MF, L&T, Bloomies, Hectch, the list goes on and on.
Soon Macy's will be the only store.. and their clothes suck the big one.

Maybe if i was a thin woman i would not care but Macy's line for the "Fluffy Diva" leaves a lot to be desired.
I am beyond pissed at this point... MF is an institution, leave it the hell alone *pouts*
Ok as most of you all know i am a gemini, and by nature i love to talk. I have a passion for the gift of gab.
Well i love the internet and chatting with people. And i love to chat with folks from all over the world. At least i did until it seems like every single male in africa wants to marry me.
Now i know i am not ugly but i am not Halle foine either...
It is not flattering nor is it wanted attention from these men. And its not just from one country in africa its seems to come from several from northern Africa to the south.
It is beyond irritating when they think that they got something black men in the USA dont have. WTF ever.... i dont want a long distance relationship let alone with some one half across the freaking world....
Good lawd what do you think i am going to help you get your green card? Uh in the words of Whitney HELL TO THE NAW you are not using me to get to the USA.

Besides i am dating some one, which does not seem to satifsy them. They try to tell me how they are better than my sweetie. Well thats when they go on Igg.... but my ignore list is getting full *laffs*.

I just had to vent and tell some body lol