Wednesday, October 12, 2005

ok something else that frosts my cookies....
I am from chicago
born and raised
18 years str8 then college in alabama and 4 more years of chicago
i now live in Baltimore, MD, work in Washington, DC

I love the Bears, hate Greenbay
I love the White Sox, dont really care for the Cubs... *i am a southsider*

ok i hear some ugly rumore that Macy's is going to change the name of Marshell Fields to
*hack* Macy's

WTF? Marshell Fields is not only a great store but is a historic landmark
Marshell Feilds was one of the first department stores, and one of the pioners of customer returns.
Along with that the State Street Store *a must visit for any tourist to Chicago* is a Historic Landmark *as is the Carson's Store 2 blocks down on State Street*

Now its bad enough the Fields family sold MF to Dayton Hudson which then became the Target Corp. and they turned around and sold all the department stores *all dayton hudsons became MF* to the May company who owns Lord and Taylor *another store i love but MF is my favorite*
And Federated which owns Macy's bought May. Ok if your still with me check this out.
MF is a midwest store like Hechts is the DC/MD/VA store and Dillards is in the south.
But L&T is every where as is Bloomies. In Chicago a few of our malls have MF, L&T and Bloomies
so are they going to close 2 of the anchor stores because they are all named Macy's now?
or will you have 3 very large Macy's stores.
Will they contiue to make frang mints *a must eat from MF*?
Will they be sold in all Macy's stores?

I am just sick about this name change. Macy's is doing a great disservice to MF, L&T, Bloomies, Hectch, the list goes on and on.
Soon Macy's will be the only store.. and their clothes suck the big one.

Maybe if i was a thin woman i would not care but Macy's line for the "Fluffy Diva" leaves a lot to be desired.
I am beyond pissed at this point... MF is an institution, leave it the hell alone *pouts*

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