Wednesday, December 03, 2003

this is a fairly new one.....


Brown is So Sweet

Brown is so sweet
the shade from lighter beige
to the darkest shade
and the rainbow of colors in between
OH Brown is so sweet
how the shade of my skin
goes from medium brown to red
and back again

Oh Brown is so sweet
it is more than just a tone
it is the color we own
it is the style we made
it encompasses every shade
of what brown is

Brown is so sweet
from my life to my hope
to my finger tips
the sweet tone of my voice
that almost sings
the bomb ass hair that
they don’t date to touch

Brown is so sweet
because of the way I move my hips
and the way I lick my lips
when I am swaying to the beat

Brown is so sweet
because of my sharp mind
and my keen sense
I can take anything
and make it mine
and in the absence of
I create my own

Brown is so sweet
it is like candy
in your mouth
the taste will have you
coming back for more
you ask why

‘Cause Brown is So Damn Sweet!!!!

(c) Copyright 2002

i have been feeling like posting some of my poetry
so here we go

n. m.
5:01 pm


you are more than the land you sit on
you are more than the buildings of brick
and mortar we use
it is more than the Ave. or the ignorant bench

then what in TUSKEGEE
it is the spirit of all the alumni past, present, and future
it is the spirit of Booker T. Washington, George Washington, William
Dawson, the Tuskegee Airmen, and more

it is in every student whether they love Tuskegee or not
it is the sense of family that we get when we are there
it is like we are home again

it is a great some thing that draws us back for
homecoming, founders day and the playa’s picnic

it is great institution of high learning called
Tuskegee Univeristy

it puts fear i the hearts of those who do not understand her
it confuses those who do not know her
and envied by those who could attend her


(C) copyright 1999