Tuesday, March 29, 2005

this is just sad just sad lol
beyond sad lol

me: yes
lonlyness4u: darling can i hold u once plzz
lonlyness4u: lonlyness4u: plzz tel me
me: no
lonlyness4u: why..? plzz give me permissiom plz
me: lol
me: no
lonlyness4u: plzz
lonlyness4u: i like ur breasts so i want u once hold tightly plzz BUZZ!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

*sigh* can you tell i dont have enough to do some days
here we go again

rich_long14: hey there
6: hello
rich_long14: How u doing??
6: i am fine how are you
rich_long14: Good thanks...So whats up with u today??
6: work lol
6: what about you
rich_long14: The same...trying to take it easy though
6: lol i wish lol

rich_long14: Do u like white men??
6: lol
6: never dated one before
6: i would have to meet one i clicked with
rich_long14: ic....So u think u could handle a white man though??...lol
6: lol
6: handle a white man uh i guess
rich_long14: lol....Just checking....
rich_long14: Cause u know .....we work it..
6: naw i didnt know that
rich_long14: Now u know Boo
6: uh i guess
6: the proof is in the pudding so to speak
6: and being with me is more than just sex
rich_long14: There is more to everyone than just sex Boo...I am not all about sex...I am just very sexual I guess u could say
6: humm ok
rich_long14: Are u not a sexual person??
6: yes i am but i dont talk about sex that easy
rich_long14: I can respect that....I am just an open person
6: ok thats fine
rich_long14: Must have been awhile since u got some...lol
6: nope
6: dont assume
rich_long14: lol....Ok
6: i dont talk about sex with people i dont know
rich_long14: No white meat though.......lol
6: uh no i only date black men currently
rich_long14: Then u are missing out Boo
6: humm if you say so
6: and what makes yall so different?
rich_long14: How we take pride in pleasing our woman..it isn't all about us
6: and black men dont do that
rich_long14: Most don't
rich_long14: especially in bed from what I am told
6: humm i will be sure to pass that on to my two brothers
rich_long14: lol...U do that
6: well i am going to go before i cuss you out bye

ok i dont know what the hell some of these men think they have in their pants that is so special that they can make some stupid ass assumptions but damn stop asking me if i am in to white men
i am going to start getting mean and nasty when that question is posed next time

Monday, March 14, 2005

see this is what i can not take is sick men who pray on childern

onlee_4_uuu: howz ya doin
06: i am find how are you
onlee_4_uuu: i m doin good... thanx
onlee_4_uuu: may i know ur asl?
06: its in my profile
06: but i am 31 female and baltimore
onlee_4_uuu: dear i m in office.. & ur profile says Adults conent
06: there is nothing wrong with my profile
onlee_4_uuu: yeah i know
06: i put in adult content to keep most kids away
onlee_4_uuu: but i cant open it as ADULT is blocked
onlee_4_uuu: lol
onlee_4_uuu: y..sometimes kids r pleasurable too
06: yuck
06: i dont date childern
06: that is just nasty
onlee_4_uuu: heheh
onlee_4_uuu: but i luv gals from age 15 -45
06: any thing underage is illegal
onlee_4_uuu: recently i dated a filipino gal age 16
onlee_4_uuu: yeah i know
onlee_4_uuu: but everythign happens with consent
onlee_4_uuu: so wot u work as?
06: that is just sick
06: bye
onlee_4_uuu: cmon
onlee_4_uuu: does that mean that i cant go to a bar
onlee_4_uuu: when a gal of 16 is a waitress
onlee_4_uuu: did i say i had intercourse with her?????????
onlee_4_uuu: byeeeee if u dont wana talk
06: hell naw i dont want to talk to your sick ass
06: that is a child
06: you sick bastard
onlee_4_uuu: dear
onlee_4_uuu: we dated
onlee_4_uuu: we dated means we had dinner together.. we kissed & dats it
onlee_4_uuu: y u gals always thing dat everythign ends up with SEXXXXXXXX
onlee_4_uuu: BTW .. i dont like to have sex with skinny gal
onlee_4_uuu: i luv voluptous womens
onlee_4_uuu: neway i'll leave thinkin that u too might be skinny
onlee_4_uuu: bye

Thursday, March 10, 2005

*** Message (#28) from M at 19:18 ***>sure you want to hear? *blush*

** Message (#36) from M at 19:20 ***>well, it was the skin color contrast....seeing my white c**k disappear insider>her......white c*m on her skin....WOW....

Message eXpressRecipient : M
uh thats interesting never heard that one before

*** Message (#44) from M at 19:23 ***>did those ideas offend you?

Message eXpressRecipient : M
nope not at all just interesting

ok i know i bring things on my self sometimes....i did this time too but i thought it was funny cause this guy who is not black said dating black women was exotic *rolls eyes* exotic my ass lol
poo dont have no color in the dark...

Wednesday, March 02, 2005