Thursday, March 10, 2005

*** Message (#28) from M at 19:18 ***>sure you want to hear? *blush*

** Message (#36) from M at 19:20 ***>well, it was the skin color contrast....seeing my white c**k disappear insider>her......white c*m on her skin....WOW....

Message eXpressRecipient : M
uh thats interesting never heard that one before

*** Message (#44) from M at 19:23 ***>did those ideas offend you?

Message eXpressRecipient : M
nope not at all just interesting

ok i know i bring things on my self sometimes....i did this time too but i thought it was funny cause this guy who is not black said dating black women was exotic *rolls eyes* exotic my ass lol
poo dont have no color in the dark...

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