Monday, March 14, 2005

see this is what i can not take is sick men who pray on childern

onlee_4_uuu: howz ya doin
06: i am find how are you
onlee_4_uuu: i m doin good... thanx
onlee_4_uuu: may i know ur asl?
06: its in my profile
06: but i am 31 female and baltimore
onlee_4_uuu: dear i m in office.. & ur profile says Adults conent
06: there is nothing wrong with my profile
onlee_4_uuu: yeah i know
06: i put in adult content to keep most kids away
onlee_4_uuu: but i cant open it as ADULT is blocked
onlee_4_uuu: lol
onlee_4_uuu: y..sometimes kids r pleasurable too
06: yuck
06: i dont date childern
06: that is just nasty
onlee_4_uuu: heheh
onlee_4_uuu: but i luv gals from age 15 -45
06: any thing underage is illegal
onlee_4_uuu: recently i dated a filipino gal age 16
onlee_4_uuu: yeah i know
onlee_4_uuu: but everythign happens with consent
onlee_4_uuu: so wot u work as?
06: that is just sick
06: bye
onlee_4_uuu: cmon
onlee_4_uuu: does that mean that i cant go to a bar
onlee_4_uuu: when a gal of 16 is a waitress
onlee_4_uuu: did i say i had intercourse with her?????????
onlee_4_uuu: byeeeee if u dont wana talk
06: hell naw i dont want to talk to your sick ass
06: that is a child
06: you sick bastard
onlee_4_uuu: dear
onlee_4_uuu: we dated
onlee_4_uuu: we dated means we had dinner together.. we kissed & dats it
onlee_4_uuu: y u gals always thing dat everythign ends up with SEXXXXXXXX
onlee_4_uuu: BTW .. i dont like to have sex with skinny gal
onlee_4_uuu: i luv voluptous womens
onlee_4_uuu: neway i'll leave thinkin that u too might be skinny
onlee_4_uuu: bye

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