Friday, February 25, 2005

6: look at this

6: My names , Im a hardass brotha from . If you like hardbodys, a cool hair due, and a no bs attitude, lets chat.
I use a free webcam service, links below (just verify your age and you should be able to find me in there pretty easily im always on)Lets have some fun baby! Since you are in $from, maybe we could even meetup afterwards, we will talk about it in there i guess. pz

wonder: o.k.

6: what the hell

wonder: FA***T!!!!

6: lol

6: his webcam site says i am big, black and love to talk smack on the web

wonder: do what ever you it is you like on cam

6: Bottom line, Im big black and love to talk smack on the webcam baby! Its fun loving for everyone! Come check me out! Click here to access me and thousands others

wonder: DLB *LOL*

wonder: next thing you know he tryign to shove a dildo up his ass and call you daddy *ROTFL*

6: lol

wonder: i am just saying

wonder: no straight heterosexual male does not shit like that

6: lol

6: that shit was funny

6: thats the 2nd message i got like that

6: i think i might blog them

wonder: if your goonna blog it, you have to put my comment *LOL*

6: lol

6: yeah

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