Sunday, January 04, 2004

CRAZY MEN!!!!!!!!!

ok for thoes that know me know i am a net junkie

and being the gemini that i am i love to talk so the net is perfect

cause i can chat with any and every one and will pretty much do so

so i was chatting and this guy from africa i chat with asked if we could get serious


he knows i have a man and that i am not trying to romance across the big blue

and he start spouting about God and love can bridge the gap

so i ask him if he plans to move the usa for this great romance

he says no i can move there...back to africa...WTF!!!!!

He said i am from i am from the united states of america

yes my family was taken in to slavery but that was over 200 years ago

and i am mixed with just about any and every thing

so what you are saying is you want me to move to africa to be with you

you who has no job and did not complete high school

do i look stupid? HAIL NAW!!!!!!

i aint moving to africa and we aint about to have no romance

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