Saturday, August 27, 2005

I am a displaced Chicagoan
I live in Baltimore and I work in DC
now i must admit that i thought Bmore aka charm city aka harm city was a burb of DC aka Chocolate City

i have found that its not... the two cities are very similar and they HATE each other... which i dont understand
its worse than the southside vs westside in Chicago

And what is worse is the folks from PG County right outside of DC that want to dog out Bmore
but they live in the 12th Ring of Hell.....

I find my self defending Bmore... a city i dont really care for but its ok to live here for now...

Both places are GHETTO as hell and are very much the same, ok dc has a better public transit system than bmore but other than that and the higer than hell cost of living in dc
i really need DC and PG folks to get off their high horse and put the crack pipe down and realize they are not better than Bmore

I need Bmore folks to put the pipe down and learn how to fucking read... but thats another rant...

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