Monday, September 05, 2005

This is Why BP is the 12th Ring of Hell
ok i was on BP looking for one of my former students who is from N.O. to see if he is ok... i get a note while one there
wanna read it? here it go:
Hey Girl, I was looking through your profile and I wanted to say HOT DAMN! You are so Fine! We need more women like you at: I've never seen a girl like you, so fill out a profile cause I dont use BlackPlanet No more, I'm under "EbonyStudy348", again, make a profile at: type it in your Internet Explorer or Copy and Paste it, I promise you will meet so many more people at that are down to go out and meet you! Hope to see you soon, Hit me Up Ebonystud348 at later boo

now i am like wtf? where do they get this mess from... any whoo BP is a waste of cyber space...

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