Tuesday, September 06, 2005

ok why did i get another one of these freaking notes on bp

Hey Girl, I was looking through your profile and I wanted to say HOT DAMN! You are so Fine! We need more women like you at: http://profiles.v3.be I've never seen a girl like you, so fill out a profile cause I dont use BlackPlanet No more, I'm under "Ebony349", again, make a profile at:http://profiles.v3.be type it in your Internet Explorer or Copy and Paste it, I promise you will meet so many more people at http://profiles.v3.be that are down to go out and meet you! Hope to see you soon, Hit me Up Ebonystud349 at http://profiles.v3.be later boo

and why did some 18 year old baby try to holla at me?
boy aint nothing and i mean nothing you can do for me

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