Monday, May 30, 2005

555: hello
06: hello
555: mmm, u are so sexy
06: thanks
555: may I ask a question?
06: sure
555: do u do escort services?
06: no
555: iam sorry to bother u
555: but iam intrested to have an escort
555: bye
06: oh lawd
555: are u living in the nearby?
06: no i live in baltimore
555: oh i see
555: but realy iam very intrested with u
555: u are very sexy
555: if u dont mind i may come to u in baltimore
06: sorry i dont know you like that
555: actually i am a businessman from Kuwait
555: and i look to have good time
06: check the yellow pages for an escort
555: iam sorry again
555: bye

wtf? trolling for a good time on the net... you are barking up the wrong tree....
push on playa push on

1 comment:

Mrs. Rodriguez said...

This is funny as all get out!!! Why do you get all the crazies??? Top it off the fool is from Kuwait!!! I am sure he wants to come to the DC area with a bomb on his back hmmmm ok that was mean. But i'm just saying lol!!!!