Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Hey...How are you doing....I'm loving that smile of yours...I can see that personality shinning through...and I also see that you have a beautiful face.....but hey..I'm not even going to rap you up with the compliments..I'm pretty sure you are over whelmed by too many......I was hitting you up basically because I see that you live in the area and I have something that my interest you....I've basically been selling DVDs recently and no it's not the bootleg type...I have a friend that programmed a software for the blocks that are on the original DVDs and I burn the movies from Blockbuster and Net Flix so you know they come out just as clear as the original....They aren't the movies that's just been released in the theatre..They are movies that's been released on DVD already....Anything Blockbuster gets....I tell you what..Since you don't know the quality I'll just charge you $5ea for your first list....and hey...You are welcome to look at them before you buy them..I do have a DVD player in my truck and if the quality isn't want you want then I'll give you $5..LOL....I can email you a list and if you are interested you can just send me a list of what you want and we'll just find a meeting spot to hook up so you can get them...Oh and I also have adult movies as well...(smiling)...So what's a email address I can send you a list if you are interested.....Oh and once you get the list your are welcome to forward it on to your friends and family if you'd like....but they would have to go through you to get them for $5ea

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