Wednesday, July 06, 2005

i am off to sorority convention today.
it will be a bitter sweet reunion with my sorority sisters, because one of the ones i loved so much is not longer her.
I will miss her dearly but life must go on...

So i am off today to ohio *wonder what there is to do in ohio*
and i hope to have a grand time will the crazy lady's who i call my sisters... they are a diverse group of women that all share a common thread SERVICE.
We all love to do service, if we didnt we would not be in Gamma Sig.
I am also running for national office, i do hope i win because i have some ideas to help the sorority out.

well i am just bored at work until i get to leave in a lil bit to start my vacation
i need a vacation.. i wish my sweetie was coming with me... but oh well maybe next time....

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