Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Life with Hank

For the past year my father has been mad at me for something crazy, well at least i think it is crazy.
Any way he finally let me out of the dog house. I forgot how much fun it was to spend with him. My parents are divorced and life since they seperated has been much better, most of the time. my parents dont really care for each other, which is cool because they live about 800 miles apart. While i love my mother dearly and would do any thing for her, there is nothing like a woman's relationship with her father. I was Daddy's lil girl up until i was 18... which was all gravey but something happend when i hit 18 and our relationship has been rocky ever since.
maybe its because we are too much alike, we at times will go years with out speaking, which at the time was fine with me.
But this last time really chapped my butt. It was something that i got blamed for because i am the eldest and currently make the most money. I guess because my brother has my nephew he was off the hook. But he made it seem like we went out of our way to hurt him. Which was not the case...

But i have made it out of the dog house, and life with Hank is all gravy again.

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