Tuesday, January 24, 2006

i find it interesting that thoes who dont support hbcu's are always the first to say what they should or should not do.

Hampton U has come under fire from their stance on the business studnets "hair" code with no locs or cornrows. Many who did not attend black schools feel that they should support studnets who sport natrual hair. I guess since i have no issue with the rule, and having attended and taught at a black school i am not suprised.
Being natrual is a trendy, for some it might be a life style but i think a lot of folks its the latest trend and theya re following it. Now most schools are run by older black folks... older folks are not always the quickest to change... so it is not suprising that they have this code.
Many places in corporate america are still very consertive and some of these trendy hair styles are not accepted. That is not to say that they are right about it.. that is to say that they need to play the game to get what they want.

HBCU's are in the business of turning childern in to adults who can get a job once they graduate. I am sure HU is doing what they think is in the students best intrest to help them obtain gainful employment in the work place... Now the students do have options, they can transfer, wear a wig, change majors, or conform to what the university says.

it is not the earth shattering, life ending thing that some hair nazi make it out to be. But i guess since my hair wont ever be nappy, i just dont get it... which is fine...that makes life interesting....

HBUC'S are a great and wonderful thing.. and until you attend one you have no idea what it is like.

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